One must have love within/love-of-self, in order to truly love that which lives outside of oneself.

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Unapologetically Black

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Doing better often comes from a desire (conscious or unconscious) of wanting to look like "good stewards." Many benevolent acts are performed by those who harbor resentment and even hatred within.

Being better is an inside job. This is where transformation takes place. This is where we become a beneficial presence on behalf of our fellow  citizens.


Unapologetically Black was the first product line for ExhaleLove. It grew from my repeatedly telling my White clients and participants in my classes and events that they are no longer facing the same Black people. We are no longer feeling the need to perform to be accepted in the eyes of others. We are now speaking our Truth unapologetically. We have a new found opening to express our love of being Black. And the Truth is, I've always loved being Black.


Empathy is the capacity to place oneself in another's position. This requires the engagement of one's imagination.
 One must connect something within the self that knows that feeling…have courage.  See the world through the perspective of another.


In the words of Beyoncé, "You can't wear a crown with your head down."

A crown is a representation of power, and authority. This product line came once I truly embodied the awareness that we as Black people don't need approval or sanctioning from anyone. We simply need to remember that our sovereignty is bestowed upon us by the only authority. We wear our culture and history proudly with heads held high.


One of my favorite things to do is grab my laptop and sit at my favorite restaurant or coffee shop to get some work done. (And secretly people watch!)

What I'm also doing on these adventures is spreading a little love around. I have the most heart-felt wonderful conversations on these excursions and I seem to get my best work done.


The name ExhaleLove comes from the awareness that one must have love within/love-of-self to truly love that which lies outside of oneself. The world is hungry for more unconditional love. Inhale to connect and then ExhaleLove into the world around you to be a beneficial presence.